Network 5G: the new revolution in mobile networks


  • For some time now, people have been talking about the 5G network and it looks like it is here to stay. What is the 5G network?
  • Much more than speed
  • The Internet of Things (IoT)
  • When will it reach users?

FCC Group launches a new blog


  • A reference space for the environment, water and infrastructures, aimed at the public

The millennium challenges: What challenges are the cities facing?


  • Half of the world population lives in cities currently
  • Moving towards a safer and more intelligent city model

Occupational health and safety: the importance of prevention at all levels of the company


  • Interview with Pedro Francisco Ledesma García, Head of the FCC Occupational Health, Safety and Well-being Department
  • Objectives of the FCC Group regarding occupational health and safety
  • Protection and prevention techniques

eHealth Challenge arrives: the first healthy habits Olympics between companies


  • eHealth Challenge brings 38 companies together to promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Pedro Ledesma, promoter of eHealth Challenge in FCC
  • Interview with Domingo Sánchez López, developer of eHealth Challenge

The omnipresence of PET, a type of plastic very common in drink and textile packaging


  • Polyethylene (LDPE, LLDPE y HDPE) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) are the most frequently used types of plastic by FCC Environment CEE
  • The many uses of PET

Compost, a valuable alternative resource that replaces industrial fertilizers


  • The process
  • What is it made of?
  • The reasons for composting
  • The greatest challenge

The 10 leading urban sustainability cities in 2014


  • Shenzhen (China) – Urban transport
  • Buenos Aires (Argentina) – Wastes management
  • Amsterdam (Netherlands) – Finance and economic development
  • London (United Kingdom) – Measurement and planning of carbon emissions
  • Portland (USA) – Sustainable communities

Malmö, the city that was not sustainable


  • The city of Malmö is a great example of sustainability and urban renewal
  • The inflection point that changed the history of the city was the project "Bo01 City of Tomorrow"
  • Augustenborg Ecocity

Such are the world’s large metropolises


  • Tokio
  • Shangai
  • Yakarta
  • Seúl
  • México D.F.
  • Buenos Aires
  • Manila
  • Nueva York
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