FCC is working every day to make cities more livable for people


  • The future is pointing towards “smart cities”
  • Interview with Alfonso García, FCC Medio Ambiente Technical Services Director

Electric vehicles for collecting solid wastes and street cleaning


  • Latest generation vehicles that increase the quality and efficiency of the service in Rota (Cádiz)
  • Zero fuel emissions
  • Improved service quality and public perception

FCC committed to a pollutant-free future


  • The purely electric vehicle is a safe bet for achieving more sustainable and less noisy vehicles
  • Interview with Jesús Pajares of FCC

Glass, a material with an almost infinite life


  • Spain is one of the European leaders in the recycling of glass packaging
  • From obligation to habit
  • Fine glass, a good of optimum quality

FCC Ámbito decontaminates the Bailín landfill site in Sabiñánigo (Huesca)


  • The Bailín landfill site is the most contaminated spot in Aragón (Spain)
  • Pyrenees in Aragón
  • An accomplished team
  • Special Safety Plan
  • Three phases

From a parakeet to a drone: Smart management of the sewerage network in Barcelona


  • Innovation examples
  • Sustainability will come first
  • 843 kilometres of sewers

Ávila, a town committed to the reduction of CO2 emissions


  • The first city in Spain where FCC is working on assessing the load of carbon dioxide emissions of companies and individuals
  • Educating and involving residents

Waste management, a growing industry


  • World Waste to Energy City Summit in London
  • FCC: Global Trends in the Waste to Energy Industry

Reducing plastic bag consumption to increase sustainability


  • Europeans consume almost 200 plastic bags per year on average

The Spanish have fully embraced recycling


  • The correct separation of packaging for later recycling has been fully adopted by Spanish citizens, seen as a civic act necessary for the environment
  • Data collected by Ecoembes after 17 years operating in Spain
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