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  • Wanda Metropolitano
  • Caja Mágica
  • Rocodromo Madrid Arena
  • Palace of Sports of the Community of Madrid
  • Delivery of bleachers, competition lighting and service quarters in Gallur Athletics Indoor Pavilion
  • Completion of a climbing wall, dressing rooms and reconfiguration of pediment of the Elipa Sports Center

Sports facilities, among the non-residential building projects led by FCC Construcción, deserve a separate chapter because of their uniqueness and the high degree of specialisation they require. In this sector, the company has delivered more than 25 large facilities throughout the world that have hosted some of the major sporting events in disciplines such as football, tennis, motorcycling and athletics.

Iconic, avant-garde, sustainable and functional, sport infrastructure demonstrates architectural and engineering prowess. FCC Construcción has invested its technical and human capacity in these projects to overcome great challenges. Efficiency, innovative solutions and the use of the latest technology have been a guarantee of success, demonstrating why the company is a leader in this area.

Wanda Metropolitano

The new headquarters of Atletico Madrid, occupies a total area of 88,150 square meters and has a capacity to accommodate more than 68,000 fans, distributed in general capacity and VIP area. In addition, it has more than 1,000 parking spaces for fans inside the stadium and 3,000 outdoor parking spaces. The state-of-the-art design of the sports complex was provided by the architects Cruz y Ortiz. They emphasize the concrete finishes and the ample interior spaces that allow the mobility of the fans by all the complex.

The distribution of the new stands allows the fans and / or spectators to be close to the pitch. The new stadium has three new T-shaped stands, a low stand formed by 28 tiers in the bottoms and in the preferred areas, an average of 13 tiers for VIPs with direct access from the outside and last, a high stand supported on a perimeter building of 32 steps, where are located the accesses of public, VIPs boxes and complementary services. Also FCC, has built, in the lower area of the high stand, a space of 94 boxes.

The stadium cover requires a special mention. It is constituted by a steel structure of about 6,336 tons, tensioned with radial cables and united with a membrane that occupies an area of 83.053 square meters. The membrane is composed of 720 panels of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), which has a weight of 92 tons. The roof covers the stands and will help ensure that 96% of the localities are protected from rain. This is a unique and differentiating element to the rest of European sports facilities designed in recent years.

The figures provided by FCC Group highlight that more than 2,881 workers participated in the project. To make this project possible, 7 tower cranes have been used, which have allowed transport: more than 54 tons of cement and 4,200 square meters of glass.

The new stadium is the first in the world to use entirely LED technology, thus transforming the skyline of the city of Madrid. More than 16 million colors will be projected in each game. Undoubtedly, it is a project that has become a reality in a modern, functional and first-class stadium in the European and world stadiums.

The new CEO of FCC Group, Pablo Colio, points out that “from this very moment this work becomes a benchmark of football pitches, with the most advanced systems. It is an example of integrating sustainable solutions to the service of the citizen”. Pablo Colio is grateful to the entire team of FCC Construcción and FCC Industrial for the effort, involvement and commitment to deliver the project on time. In addition, he offers his thanks to the City of Madrid, the Autonomous Community and other public institutions for the collaboration with the project. Further thanks go to Atletico Madrid for working together and for good communication to make possible today the opening of this world class stadium.

FCC has delivered more than 25 large-scale facilities worldwide that have hosted some major sporting events in disciplines such as football, tennis, motorcycling and athletics. They include avant-garde, sustainable and functional facilities, and they are infrastructure works that FCC Construcción has added value to through its technical and human capacity to overcome great challenges. The company uses efficiency, innovative solutions and the latest technology to guarantee success, demonstrating why it is a reference in the area.


Caja Mágica

This sports complex comprises different facilities that give it a high degree of versatility. Caja Mágica is the most modern tennis facility in the world with an area of 113,500 square meters, with a capacity for more than 18,000 people, a deck formed by a fixed superstructure and three mobile decks that allow to celebrate the outdoor and indoor tournaments. The main building houses three stadiums, the central one, the Opera House and the Circus. The complex includes Tennis Indoor, a building with 11 covered tracks and the dependencies of a high performance sports center. The sports complex is organiaed around an artificial lake that includes an island with 16 tennis courts and a garden area.


Rocodromo Madrid Arena. Latina District

FCC built the Madrid Arena sports hall, which has a maximum capacity of 10,800 seats and a constructed area of 29,800 m2.

The stands with 10,800 seats, supported by the prefabricated concrete structure are retractable. A motorisation system has been incorporated that collects them, releasing an area of 6,000 m2 making it possible for other uses in this enclosure, obtaining the versatility that needs to be an Arena pavilion. This retractable step is a world record size.



Palace of Sports of the Community of Madrid

Located in the city center of Madrid, FCC built a multi-purpose building in which the available resources were optimised.

The Palace has a capacity of 15,000 people. Equipped with telescopic steps and dividing curtains that allow to obtain different configurations with capacities according to the needs of each event. The building has been given three levels of parking, improving the accessibility of the attending public.


Completion of a climbing wall, dressing rooms and reconfiguration of pediment of the Elipa Sports Center. Ciudad Lineal District

FCC Construcción has refurbished the pavilions of the Elipa Sports Center. In the covered tennis pavilion, it has delivered a climbing wall, the highest in-door of Spain, 16 meters high and valid for several disciplines of climbing. To compartmentalise this pediment and adapt it to different games, a mobile wall, with rebound capacity, homologated, 10 meters high has been realised.

The changing rooms of the pavilion have been completely renovated, with their facilities and corresponding finishes.

In the hockey pavilion, a new sports floor and a concealment fabric have been fitted around the perimeter.



Delivery of bleachers, competition lighting and service quarters in Gallur Athletics Indoor Pavilion. Latina District

The work has been carried out in the Pavilion covered athletics of the Gallu Athletics Indoor, unique of this type in Madrid, adapting it to the fulfillment of the international competition requirements.

A grandstand has been installed to house 3,000 people, with the stage of authorities. The lighting has been extended to get the LUX required for competitions with TV replay.

Likewise, there is a booth for retraining, complementary provisions for canalisations and rooms to house all the services required by an international competition, such as nursing, police, storage, etc.

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