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  • Works proceeding at a good pace
  • The transformational power of the Metro
  • A close relationship with local communities

Building on the experience gained in the delivery of Line 1, FCC Construcción is providing the engineering design, construction of civil works, auxiliary facilities, supply and integral rail system including rolling stock and commissioning of Line 2 of the Panama Metro. It is a project that will have a transformational impact on the urban planning of Panama City and on the quality of life of its citizens.

The company is utilizing the latest technological advances in construction techniques for the works. The new metro line will benefit half a million people, with an initial passenger flow of 16,000 people an hour / direction, with 21 trains of five wagons each, which could carry a maximum of 40,000 passengers in rush hour. Line 2 will have 21 kilometers of elevated road linking the district of San Miguelito to the sector of December 24, including 16 stations.

At a good pace

The works already exceed 53% of completion. In particular it is worth noting, the excellent progress on the assembly 90% of the U-beams on the Pan-American highway, which is scheduled to be completed in October.

In addition, the assembly of the railway in the viaduct over the Pan American Highway and the Domingo Diaz road continues to be developed, and work is being carried out on placing the posts for the catenaries, trays and rails of the viaduct.

The transformational power of the Metro

The delivery of Line 2, with a cost exceeding 1,600 million euros, will bring numerous benefits for citizens:

Employment: More than 50% of the employees hired belong to the regions through which the Metro will serve.

Time: It has an exclusive route that will reduce travel time from 90 to 35 minutes.

Clean: Uses electricity as a source of energy, does not emit pollutant gases and therefore does not impact the city’s environment.

Sustainability: Measures have been taken to minimize possible damage to natural ecosystems or to local communities.

Safety: The Metro has automatic control systems that prevent collision between trains, as well as surveillance and security systems.

A close relationship with local communities

The community relations team has segmented the work in three areas. This depends on the social context for which a series of measures have been established as a social integration mechanism: individualized notifications; presence of staff of the Consortium explaining the work in the sector. In addition, three information kiosks have been installed in La Dona, San Miguelito and Los Pueblos. More than 1,272 people visited them in the first quarter of 2017.

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