Human right to water and supply cuts


  • Talk of the human right to water, so frequently used to demonise private management, makes no sense since the management companies are the first to guarantee it in the terms of the UN
  • What really interests all of us is an excellent water service at home and for everyone, that offers us security and well-being, respect for the environment and financial sustainability

Success and recognition for the FCC Aqualia project to reduce sulphuric acid in water treatment plants


  • Culmination of various years of work and implementation, starting in the FCC Aqualia eastern area treatment plants
  • Awarded by Asepeyo
  • Awarded by the Government of Valencia

Biofuel from microalgae technology has arrived


  • All-gas project, led by FCC Aqualia
  • Transforming costs into benefits

The Rebirth of Water


  • Growing with the city
  • Water under control
  • Beyond water

Progress on natural wastewater purification


  • Circular economy
  • Wastewater can be used to generate energy and the slurry produced as a result can be converted into compost, or used to produce biogas, for example

Waste water used to generate electricity


  • Researchers from the Bioelectrónica group at Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona have managed to obtain electric energy and hydrogen in an efficient way by purifying the waste water

Creating a smarter system to manage water


  • FCC Aqualia and Santander City Council launch Smart Water

Increasing the information flow of water


  • One of the biggest challenges facing the management of water within urban areas is generating greater buy-in from the public
  • Félix Parra, First Executive Chairman of FCC Aqualia, gives his point of view

Advanced oxidation, a step forward in the treatment of waste water


  • Detecting emerging contaminants is now a priority in water quality analysis
  • Framework Directive for Water

Constructed wetlands purify water in an eco-friendly way


  • A constructed wetland is similar to a shallow pond, with two purification methods
  • Duckweed
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